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Capriotti's and Wing Zone Partner with WeBuild Global to Cut Costs and Timelines

Capriotti's and Wing Zone

Two renowned names in the restaurant and franchise industries, Capriotti's and Wing Zone, have taken a significant step by forming a strategic partnership with WeBuild Global, a leader in the franchise industry's fabrication, design, and construction domain. This collaboration will reimagine and streamline the construction timetable and cost for future restaurant locations, marking a pivotal evolution in the franchise opportunity for both brands.

Capriotti's, known for its award-winning sandwiches, and Wing Zone, famous for its flavorful wings, are embarking on this journey to enhance operational efficiencies and alleviate the typical construction challenges associated with new franchise agreements. The partnership with WeBuild Global introduces a fresh and modern look while maintaining the uniqueness of both brands, aiming to accelerate the opening of new franchise locations.

The Introduction to WeBuild Global

Erik Hansen, COO of WeBuild Global, highlighted the introduction of new warehouses across the country, which will enable their team to act more efficiently and effectively for Capriotti's and Wing Zone. This development is a testament to the partnership's commitment to streamlining the opening process and implementing time and cost-saving measures that have already begun to benefit both brands.

One of the most significant advantages of this partnership is the reduction of uncertainties around construction timelines. By lowering the average cycle time by 30% and decreasing the buildout cost for franchise partners by as much as 25%, Capriotti's and Wing Zone are setting new standards in the franchise industry. These improvements are not just about aesthetics and speed but are also aimed at developing the brands' footprints and bringing their unique culture to more communities across the country.

David Bloom, Chief Development and Operating Officer for Capriotti's and Wing Zone, emphasized the importance of establishing a dependable and predictable model for ROI for the long-term health and growth of any restaurant brand. “This partnership is a strategic move to decrease the cost of opening for franchise partners and make the road to profitability clearer than ever before,” stated David Bloom. By addressing key considerations such as the cost of opening, the collaboration between Capriotti's, Wing Zone, and WeBuild Global is poised to create a more efficient and profitable path for franchise partners.

A Game-Changer in the Franchise Industry

This partnership is a game-changer for the franchise industry, offering a model that others can look to for inspiration. It showcases the importance of innovation, not just in the kitchen but in every aspect of the business. From design and construction to the management of timelines and costs, every detail is crucial for the success of a franchise. Capriotti's and Wing Zone, with the support of WeBuild Global, are leading the way in demonstrating how strategic collaborations can solve longstanding challenges and drive growth.

As both brands continue to expand their presence and introduce their beloved offerings to new markets, the partnership with WeBuild Global will undoubtedly play a critical role in their success. By prioritizing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and an enhanced customer experience, Capriotti's and Wing Zone are well-positioned for continued growth and profitability. This collaboration is a testament to their commitment to not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of franchise partners and customers alike, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the franchise industry.

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